Saturday, May 21, 2011

We made it!

After what seemed like the longest plane ride in the history of man, we arrived in Beijing! I was dreading that flight, but I did manage to survive it, and Scott didn't kill me, so we're good! LOL!! 
We made it through customs & baggage claim and found a little old man holding an America World sign, thank goodness!! I was a little uncomfortable in that airport. I've never been in a place where 90% of the people can't understand the language I'm speaking! Then the van ride to the hotel was very intresting! Traffic in Beijing is CRAZY!!! Several time I thought we were going to get in an accident, but we didve arrive safely to our hotel.

We ate our first Chinese dinner, and it was pretty good. Although I found it interesting that our travel guide said "Don't go out of the hotel and eat Chinese food! You don't know what kind of meat they are cooking and it could make you sick!" LOL!!!..... hmmm??? Wonder what they're cooking in all those little street side restaraunts?

We also ventured out to the Chinese version of WalMart! Let me just sayu, I appreciate my WalMart a whole lot more now! That was an interesting experience! Lots of crazyness, lots of people crammed in there, very loud, strange smells! Oh the smells! It just about made me puke! I posted one pic of some of the meats you can purchase!

We are off on our first day of sight seeing! More pics to come! Only 48 hours (or there abouts) til I get Elise!!

OK, so here are a few pics of our first day in Beijing, nothing real exciting yet! Notice how green my green tea was! LOL!


  1. Very exciting! I hope you are hours away from getting Elise, or maybe you have already met her. Oh, my goodness! So very EXCITING!!!