Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day in Guangzhou

So, it's Monday eveing here in Guangzhou. We spent the day shopping on Shamain Island again. We also ate lunch at Lucy's again. I bought squeaky shoes for Emmie and Elise! ( and Pam, I bought 6 pair for Reagan with the money you sent!!) I also got Elise the adoption Barbie. Believe it or not there is a blonde Barbie with a Chinese baby and you can only get it here! I can honestly say this is my first Memorial Day weekend without a cookout or family party... kind of sad :-(

We are all getting tired and worn out, including Elise! The count down is on for the trip home. I was pleased to find out that one of the families in our travel group will be on the international flight with us. Hopefully this will make the trip a little more enjoyable! It's the family of 7 that will be with us and they have been a lot of fun to hang out with. At the very least, we will have help finding the check in desk, getting to the right gate and getting through customs! At least we won't be the only white people who can't speak Mandarin! LOL!

Tomorrow morning is our consulate appointment! Please say one last prayer for us that all will go well!

And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!! I love you & miss you! Thanks for holding down the fort!!

Here are some pictures we took today of Elise in her traditional Chinese dress! Love  them! She is just so adorable.... but I'm not biased or anything! :-) 

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