Thursday, May 5, 2011

China Travel Itenerary!!

Our Travel Itenerary is in hand and let me just say, I absolutley love reading the words "Meet Elise Jia Brooks"!!! It still feels a little surreal to me. I keep thinking I'm going to get pinched and wake up from the awesome dream I'm having! It is has been a long, but well worth it, journey. Our paperwork was officaily logged into the CCAA on May 18th, 2006!! We will have waited 5 years and 5 days for this beautiful baby to enter our lives!!

So, the itenerary is as follows:

Thursday May 19th- leave Indianapolis, lay over in Chicago, then direct flight from Chicago to Beijing

Friday May 20th-Arrive in Beijing

Saturday May 21st- Beijing sightseeing: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace

Sunday May 22nd- Beijing Sightseeing: International Church Service, Great Wall

Monday May 23rd- Fly to Nanchang, Jiangxi in the AM, in the PM meet "Elise Jia Brooks" This will be the day we forever call "Gotchya Day". A day we will celebrate every year!

Tuesday May 24th- Adoption paperwork & Appointments, sightseeing & shopping

Wednesday May 25th- Adoption paperwork & Appointments, sightseeing & shopping

Thursday May 26th- Blake's 11th B-day! Happy Birthday Blake! & more adoption paperwork & appointments

Friday May 27th- Fly to Goungzhou

Saturday May 28th- Elise's medical exam

Sunday May 29th- Free Day in Guangzhou!!... which means sightseeing & shopping

Monday May 30th- Tom's B-day! Happy Birthday! Consulate & paperwork

Tuesday May 31st- Final Consulate appointment & Oath taking ceremony

Wednesday June 1st- Pick up Elise's passport from the consulate & leave for Hong Kong

Thursday June 2nd- leave for the USA!!!!!! arrive in Indy at 4:50PM

Remember to follow the blog during the trip! I will be posting pictures & updates every day! Also China is 12 hours ahead of Indiana time. So hopefully by mid morning Indiana time, the update for the day will be posted. 

And please remember to pray for us! Pray for safe travels and an easy transistion for Elise!! Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us & helped us financially along the way!!! We have the most amazing support network made up of great friends & family! You ROCK!!!! I am blessed to have you in my life & I thank God for each and every one of you!

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