Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beijing Sightseeing!!

Title: Beijing Sightseeing!!

So, day one of sight seeing involved Tian' anmen Square the Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, The Pearl Factory, The Silk Factory & a group lunch, and a group dinner. Oh, and we also stopped by the Olypmic village and went to a tea house. 

It was a long day, but a lot of fun. The Forbidden City was beautiful. Lots to see there & lots of history about that place. Very cool to have a travel guide explaine the rich history of these places. Too much to share in this blog, I've got 20 minutes til we have to leave for the day, so I'll share another time.

I will say that I feel a little bit like a movie star around here! LOL!! When visiting these tourist destinations, there are groups of Chinese people there visiting too. Some of these groups are from remote villages and have never seen a "white girl" before! Scott and I were aked several times to have our picture taken with them! Lots of little kids asking to stand with us in a picture, they stared at our blue eyes & light hair. They were sooo cute! And all of them sooo polite. They didn't know much Englidh, but they did know how to say thank you!

The food today was intresting! We had a buffet style lunch and dinner. The funny thing is, that every meal has french fries! I guess they think we eat french fries at every meal! LOL! But, we also had a wide variety of asian cuizine to choose from. I did try some of it, but honestly, I didn't like most of it. I just can't get past not knowing what the meat is, or the texture of most of it. So, for the most part I'm sticking to rice, some chicken, and some pork.... but mostly rice LOL!

So, her are a few pictures from our first full day in Beijing! (Saturday May 21st) We are 12 hours ahead of Eastern Time, so We are heading out for day #2 in Beijing!


  1. I can not tell you how excited I am for you! Could Captain Kirk "beam me up, Scottie" so I could be there with you? I would love to see the sights you are seeing, and have that experience (and yes, I ate LOTS of rice in South Korea, also!), but most of all, what a miracle it would be there to be with you when you meet Elise for the first time!!!! Wonderful!

  2. I've been watching for a post, great to hear that you made it! Glad you are enjoying the sights in China. The pictures are great! Can't wait to see the pictures of you holding Elise!! Keeping you and Scott in my prayers!

  3. China now is on my 'oh so long' list of places to visit.