Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finger Printing is DONE!!!! WOOHOO!!! Got it done this morning. One HUGE step closer to bringing Elise home to her forever family!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

FingerPrint Appointment!!!

We got our appointment!!!! One step closer to bringing Elise home to her forever family!! YEAH!!!!!

Just wanted to post this adoption poem, that I found on someone else's adoption blog... dedicated to Elise's birth mother. I can't imagine the pain she must have felt to walk away from her beautiful little girl. I cry just thinking about it. But, because of the sacrifice she made, I have this amazing little girl waiting on me in China & I just can't wait to get my arms around her!

Beyond Your Tears
(written for Sophie Lu's
birth mother in China)

I imagine you kissed
her sweet face so round
And gently placed her
where she would be found

I imagine your heartache
your pain and your tears
I wish I could show you
and soften your fears

I’d show you a girl
with hope in her eyes
A girl who loves stories
and sweet lullabies

A girl who laughs freely
and loves to play
A girl who sings sweetly
and dances all day

A girl with a future
So funny and smart
A girl who loves music
and reading and art

A girl who I hope
has your courage one day
I know it took courage
to love and walk away

Her beautiful smile
I wish you could see
She looks like you
and laughs like me

So, imagine her laughter
Imagine her touch
I wish I could show you
she’s loved so much

Adoption is truely an amazing gift! I'm so blessed to be on the recieving end of this gift!

Friday, December 10, 2010

What a year....

So, there is this new thing on Facebook that puts together a collage of your status for the year. I revamped mine and did all my status posts from our time at Riley Childrens' Hospital last February and March. It made me cry to read all those posts again. The rush of emotions that I felt during those tense and stressfull weeks came rushing back to me. Here's a look back at what Emmie went through....

 Now, I look at my happy (and relatively healthy) bubbly little girl and think wow! We've come a long way baby!! Despite the many medications she's on, Emmie is doing very well. Her blood pressure is still too high, but she is off the medication that I desperately wanted to get her off of. (the one causing hair growth!!) Her BP is hovering around 120/70, this is high for her age. She should be at 98/60. We are close, but not close enough. She is not in danger with blood pressure numbers at this level, but long term (later in life) she could have issues if we are not able to get it a little lower. But look at her now....

So bubbly, full of personality, active like an almost 2 yr old should be! She is everything I ever wanted in a daughter! She makes me smile every day! She has been through so much, but it hasn't changed her personality. I think it's made her stronger.... I know its made me stronger!! I LOVE YOU MJ!!! I can't wait to see what you do with the life God has given you! You are already the best daughter & little sister.... I know you are gonna be a great big sister too!!