Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day in Nanchang & Flight to Guanghzou

So our last evening in Nanchang was really nice. We went to a lovely park and walked around. Then, we went shopping for some porcelain. I got a few samll but nice pieces for Elise. Something to give her when she is older, that I can tell her came from the province she was born in. We ate probably the best Chinese dinner I've had yet. Awesome fried rice (which Elise devored) amazing pork with a really spicey sauce to dip it in, and really good green veggie as well. Finally we went to another park on the Gan River to watch this amazing light and fountain show. It was just like the one in Vegas, only bigger and better! Really a neat show to watch.

We have now made it to Guanghzou. Woohoo!! The last leg of our trip. We will be here until Wednesday, then we will take a bus to Hong Kong. We will spend the nigt there and fly out on Thursday. As long as paperwork goes according to plan! Please continue to pray that all will go according to plan! There is still a chance we will be stuck in Guanghzou and we won't have a final answer on that until Tuesday!

Elise did great on the plane! It was only a 1 hour flight, but I'm hoping its a sign of good things to come!! LOL! Hopefully she'll do just as well on the 14 hour flight!

Here are some pics of our last day in Nanchang.....

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  1. Hi,

    I am an Indiana guy and I noticed you posted a comment on my blog. The world needs believers in a YEC scenario! My church is hosting Dr. Jonathan Sarfati on June 12th of this year. You probably know him from or from his books and etc?

    I will come back later and read up on what has been happening here. Cheers!