Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More about Elise...

So, we've had Elise for over 24 hours now. She did great yesterday! The only tears were either because she was tired or hungry. She slept through the night just fine and woke up this morning with a smile! She is still soo quiet, but we are starting to see a little more of her personality. She is smiling, laughing and babbling at us. She is not too sure what to think of her Uncle Scott. I'm sure she hasn't been around men to much, and probably never seen a man with a full beard, so its a lot to take in right now. But, Uncle Scott doesn't seem to mind loving her from a distance!

We ventured out today to the local Walmart ot get formula & some snacks for Elise. I'm still amazed at the similarities, and at the differences! The smells from the meat deptartment make me want to puke! There's nothing like seeing a whole duck, beak and all, hanging there! (dead and skinned of course!!) Today we saw more varieties of meat, like squid, octupus, and LIVE turles for sale in the meat deptartment!! Really, TURTLES!!!! I didn't know people eat turtle!

Other than that, its been a pretty relaxing day. Taking it easy for a few days so Elise can get to know me, and I can get to know her. She got her first bath, and she did pretty good with it. She didn't like it when I washed her hair, but neither did any of my other kids, so I'm going to assume that's pretty normal. She loved getting rubbed down with lotion, just like her sister! She is really a great baby. I'm amazed at how quickly she has bonded with me. We can already see her sort of relaxing a bit. She didn't cry at all yesterday, but she had this concerned look on her face. Today, no concerned look, just contentment! She does have what seems to be ecxema on her face, and it seems to me to be getting a little worse. I am concerned about that, but other than that no worries, all is good!

Some pics from our day.....

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  1. What a sweetpea! I'm so glad things are going so smoothly. You and she must just be a natural fit. She must have been meant to be a part of your family all along. Give her a hug from her Nana. I can't wait to see all of you some time this summer! Enjoy this most special experience.