Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Touring Nanchang

So, It's now Wednesday afternoon for us in Nanchang. I've had Elise for 48 hours now and she is really starting to open up. She has been glued to my side since day one, which I'm not complaining about, but today she seems more open to being set down, which is good. I think it means she's feeling more comfortable with us and not so afraid that I'm leaving. We are starting to see more of her personality. She loves for you to tickle her. She also trys really hard not to laugh! It's too cute. She is playing with the toys I brought for her more and more. She's also very curious. We are starting to hear more of her baby babble & giggles, it's so cute to hear her little voice, and I was surprised that her babble doesn't sound any different than American baby babble. I really thought it would sound different because she's heard Chinese her whole life, but I guess not, baby babble is the same in every language! She loves Skyping with all the family back home! I have to doubt that Elise is going to fit into the family just fine! I am really enjoying the time here getting to know her and bond with her, but I am getting home sick more and more everyday! Missing my family soo much!

Today we had a notary appointment & then we went to see one of the oldest and biggest pagodas in China. It was very beautiful. We took lots of pictures. I'm trying to soak up as much of Elise's culture as possible. Tomorrow, we will go to the biggest park in Nanchang, watch a fountian-light show tomorrow evening & while we are out I'll be looking for some porcelin pottery, probably a small vase. I want something nice to give her when she's older. Something that came from the place she was born.

Now, what you've been waiting for (well you probably already scrolled down and looked at them first) the pictures of our day.....

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