Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Final Travel Approval!! Going to China on May 19th!!

So, after a week of drama, we finally know for sure that we are going to China on May 19th! So excited and nervous!! The drama involved a last minute move on our part. We moved three streets over and had to update everything in order to go to China! I've been on pins and needles trying to make sure everything is getting done, calling everyone I need to call and mailing more paperwork!! It's been a crazy few days, but really excited to know that we are definitely going on May 19th! However, there is a chance that the paperwork updates will not make it to the consulate's office before our appointment on May 31st. If that happens, then we will be stuck in Guanghzou China until it gets there and Elise is given her Visa. So, prayers are needed!!! Pray for quick paperwork :-)

Now the REAL drama begins for me.... well the emotional drama. I got the call today from AWAA that they were going to let me leave on the 19th, and I instantly felt naucious!! I thought it would be a sense of relief, but insteaad it was more like PANIC!! LOL! I've felt sick to my stomach all day thinking about the fact that I'm leaving my babies (well, my 3 oldest babies) and flying to the other side of the world!! This is really happening! Oh my goodness, I've got so much to do!! I decided to make a binder of information for my mom! Ha! All the schedules for kids, medications for Emmie, doctor numbers, insurance card, sporting events, school schedules..... the list goes on and on!! Wow!!

So, the other piece to the emotional drama for me is the realization that I'm about to meet the daughter I've prayed about, dreamed about, worried about, and fell in love with from the moment I layed eyes on her! She is really about to be mine forever!! Tears in my eyes when I got the Travel approval letter from China....
Just incase you can't read it.... basically it says the Bo Jia Qun will be handed over to me for adoption!! Woohoo!! And that I need to arrive in person with this letter to recieve her! According to China, she is already mine, they are just waiting for me to come get her!

So many emotions going on in my mind. I can't even begin to decribe it! Keep checking for lots of pics and posts to come in the next few weeks! And of course, keep praying!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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