Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday. I would encourage anyone reading this to pray for orphans of the world. Pray they find a forever family. Pray that someone will enter their lives to show them love and compassion. I was asked to talk about our adoption journey at church. So today, I stood there (very nervous) and talked about our personal journey to adopt an orphan. It was an emotional journey, a long journey & an expensive journey. But, it was worth all of it and more. I'm so blessed to be the mother of Elise. I thank God everyday for her!

Here's a little bit of what I said today in church.....

In July of 2010, we got an email from our agency saying we were “on the deck”. I thought WHAT???? No way are we about to get this baby, but sure enough, that is exactly what was about to happen. Again, I had doubts. Really? God, is this really your plan for us? Is this really good timing? No way is this whats best for us. Tom is 4 states away, Emmie is recovering from 2 heart surgeries & renal failure, we barely have to pennies to rub together, and you're asking me to go to China and get a baby??? However, after much prayer, and even considering stopping the adoption, Tom and I decided that this must be God’s plan and we kept the process rolling.

On September 29th 2010, we got the call!! The long awaited, 6 years in the making, REFERRAL call! We learned all about Bo JiaQun, the baby God had picked for our family.

Adopting a baby is an amazing journey. Elise has brought the biggest blessings to our family. She made our family complete. But, the most awesome part about it was to watch God’s hand at work throughout the entire experience. In many ways, I became closer in my walk with God. I learned to trust in his plan for my life, rather than my own. I learned that God’s timing is always perfect! Six years ago wasn’t the perfect time to bring home a baby from China, even though that would have been my choice. God had way more planned for me. He knew things that I didn’t know, and he knew that the baby he prepared for me wasn’t ready yet!

We faced an uphill battle during most of this process. A battle with finances, illnesses, job losses and changes, but no battle is too big for my God. He called us into this journey, and he carried us through to the end. Adoption is a mission field, it’s the mission field that God called Tom & I to enter, and anytime you are on a mission of God’s work, there will be hardships. Satan was at work to stop us and God was there to protect us. We are so blessed to be called to adopt Elise and I am amazed everyday that I get to be her mom!

Gotcha video is coming!!!! Will be posted in the next day or two!!