Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elise Has Been Found!!!

OK, so I guess my wandering baby didn't really wander after all. CCAA confirmed that she is still in the Poyang SWI. The orphanage director simply did not want to give out any updated pictures or information regaurding the children in the orphanage. Wouldn't that have been easier to say, than to lie about where she is? I know that the people working and running the orphanages have a lot on their plate. I can't imagine taking care of that many babies, toddlers and children, but really, why send a mother into a full blown panic! I think maybe they don't realize or understand that I already feel in my heart and with every fiber of my being that I AM her mother! If you "lose" her, I won't be satisfied with another baby. She is mine and I am hers! That invisible red thread already connects us and I have started pulling on my end of that string to bring us closer together! I am emotionaly attached to that little girl in the picture. I've memorized everything about her little face. I re-read her referral information and medical information at least once a week. I know what it says about her eating habits, her personality, how she sleeps and what she likes to play with. I need that little girl in my arms and in my life.

I guess I just wonder what goes through the minds of the nannies and directors of orphanages? Do they think adoptive parents can just "pick out" another baby like you would pick out a new pair of shoes? I don't think they understand the love I already have for Bo Jia Qun and that my heart literally skipped a beat when I heard the words "she's not here anymore". It was the same feeling I get when I lose Emmie in the department store! There was a pit in the bottom of my stomach and I don't think it will go away until she is safely in my arms!

OK, so enough about that! She's safe and that's all that matters. My agency is still hoping for an updated picture & measurements. I will post as soon as I recieve (or if I recieve).

Timeline for Travel: Our Article 5 should have been mailed yesterday from the US Consulate in Guanghzou to the CCAA in Guanghzou. So, hopefully CCAA recieves it today or tomorrow. The CCAA(Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs) is who will issue us travel approval. It takes 2 to 4 weeks to recieve TA (travel approval). I was told by our adoption agency that TA's have been arriving quickly lately and that I should expect the TA sometime between April 15th and the 22nd. We will travel approximatley 2 to 3 weeks after we recieve the TA. We always fly out on a Thursday to arrive in Beijing on a Friday. So possible dates that we will leave are April 28th,  or May 5th.

I don't have any updated pictures, but thought I would repost a few pics that I do have our beautiful daugther!! I just can't get enough of her!

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  1. I'm so very glad that all is well. BIG sigh of relief! Thinking of all of you!