Friday, March 4, 2011

Some info about Jiangxi China

I think about Elise and what her life must be like in the orphange, but I also wonder about the area around her orphanage. What would her life have been like if she wasn't coming to the US, hmmm?????

So here's some info I've been digging up on the Province of Jiangxi......

Did you know that girls from the Jianghxi province are affectionately called "spicy girls."  Some Chinese folks say that it refers to the idea that peppers are grown in this province and the people of the province like spicy foods.  While others say that it refers to their personality. I've heard several adoptive families with babies from this region tell me to beware of her "spicey" personallity!! LOL!! I'm looking forward to it! Besides, she's the youngest of four kids, she will have to be "spicey" or she'll get walked all over!

Here's a pepper farm in Jiangxi. It is possible Elise is the daughter of a pepper farmer.

Jianghxi is known for porcelain.  Some of the porcelain vases here are works of art. Maybe Elise would have painted porcelain for a living, or maybe her mother does. I'm definietley going to buy someting porcelain from Jiangxi. Something for Elise to have when she's older and asking questions about where she came from. I want to be able to answer as many questions as possible for her and show her things that came from the place she was born.

Lake Poyang is the largest fresh water lake in China. There has been a fishing ban in place for several years, so doubtful that Elise's father is a fisherman, but possible. The fishing ban is to protect a finless dolphin (sounds like a crazy kind of animal) but it's apparently in danger of extinction and it is a native to this lake. Elise's orphanage is in Poyang County, which borders the lake. I think this lake looks absolutely beautiful!! Elise is definietley from a beautiful part of China.

Nanchang is the capitol of Jiangxi. This is where we will travel to recieve Elise and complete the Chinese adoption. Nanchang is a regional hub for agricultural production in Jiangxi. The yield of grain was 16.146 million tons in 2000. Products such as rice and oranges are economic staples. The Ford Motor Company has a plant in Nanchang. Many of its industry revolves around aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electro-mechanics, textile and chemical engineering. Like all cities, parts of Nanchang look beautiful, but other parts, not so much! Nanchang is pretty modern. It's not likely that Elise's biological parents lived in the city. They are probably farmers of some sort and live outside the city in a more rural village. Here are some pictures of Nanchang.

Hope you've enjoyed a little tidbit of info on Jiangxi China.... more to come as I try to pass the time while waiting for Elise!!!!

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