Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can you say ANXIETY!!!!!

Lots of things going on in the Brooks household these days..... I don't even know where to begin!!

First of all, the Fun Fair was a huge success!! Thank you to everyone who came! Thank you to Cinnfully Delicious & Suburban Sweets for donating cupcakes!! Thank you to Beth for making cookies & rice krispy treats to sell at the concession stand. Thank you to Total Fitness of Columbus for allowing us to use the gym & to Easterling Entertainment for donating a jumpy castle!! Thank you to Stamps & Stones and Kerry for donating prizes to the raffles. I believe great fun was had by all!! And we raised lots of money$$$$$$

Here are a few pictures from the evening....

We also closed on our house last Friday! WooHoo. Now we will  be free to move to another state if a job opportunity comes along for Tom (of course it will be after we go to China) . We have also lucked out in the rental house shopping. We found a house in our neighborhood! God is soo good!! We can move as early as this weekend. It's actually a house on the market, but sitting empty. The owner graciously offered to let us rent it! So, she is relieving some stress for us and hopefully we can relieve some of her stress & financial burdens! The greatest thing for us is that it is a nice house, in our home neighborhood, so the boys will still be able to ride the bus to school & play with all their friends this summer!! I have been extreamly stressed out about the closing of our house and finding a decent rental house, so having all of this fall into place weeks before I go to China is AWESOME! God does have a plan and it is better than mine!!

Finally, as most of you know, we have been trying to get updated photo's and measurments of Elise through the website that sent the birthday package and cake. The orphanage Elise is in originally agreed to send an update, but has never sent it. The website contacted the orphanage again yesterday and was told Elise is no longer there!! WHAT?????? MY BABY IS MISSING?!!! I went into fullblown panic mode (and so did Tom). My wonderful adoption agency, AWAA, quickly talked me down from the paniced state I was in. According to AWAA one of two things has happened: either the orphanage doesn't want to give an update and that was their way of getting the website off their back, or Elise is now in foster care. AWAA is submitting an inquiry about this today to the CCAA and I should have an answer as to where she is (and hopefully a picure) by Friday. I will keep you posted!

Thanks for the prayers and support from everone!! Please continue to pray for safe travels for Scott (my brother) & I as we prepare to travel to China. Pray for Elise, that she is safe and well cared for until I get there! And pray for Tom as he holds down the fort while I go get our daughter.

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  1. oh Tracy - my heart rate just went sky high. Will continue to pray and will add that you get answer (and picture) on Friday.
    Kim Tindell