Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Pictures!!!!

God is so good! Our adoption agency was able to get us 2 new pictures of Elise! So exciting for us to see how much our daughter has grown in the past few months.  I know most of you saw the pics on my Facebook page, but I'm posting them here too!! I can't get enough of her adorable little face!
I think she's trying to tell me something in this picture! Her expression, or lack there of tells me "Mom, I didn't go anywhere! Settle down! I was never MIA. Just hurry up cause I'm getting bored here and I'm sick of these crackers they're feeding me!"
Not sure what she was looking at in this picture, but it wasn't the camera! LOL!! I love her little shoes! I love that her hair is getting longer and that she is sitting in a walker instead of laying flat in a bed or in that beat up stroller she was in for the last picture we got.

So, here's the story that has unfolded this week. The care package website emailed me again and said that the person at the orphanage was confused on which baby they wanted pictures of. So, it was simply a miscommunication. However, my adoption agency says it was that the orphanage didn't want to give out any updates. So, who knows really! Regardless, I got what I wanted updated pictures and measurements!!

Her measurements are 19lbs, 28 inches long and feet are 3.5 inches long. Now the weight is inaccurate because they weigh them with 4 layers of clothing on & a full diaper. I've heard there can be as much as a 4 lb difference in the weight we are given and her actual weight! So, she is probalby 15 to 16 lbs!! TINY!!! Considering she is 14 months (well almost, she'll be 14 months on April 4th) She will be my tiniest baby for sure!

I also recieved the Chinese translation of her name. Now, I had looked it up before on my own, but this time I asked the lady from the care package website to tell me based on the Chinese characters what her name means. Bo, which is Elise's last name means "wave". Jia, her first name means "good, fine and beautiful". Qun means “crowd or group”. She also said her name can be written as Jiaqun or Jia Qun. I thought is was interesting information. I like the meaning of her first name, and we are keeping it as her middle name. But, we are going to drop the Qun from her name and obviously her last name will change to Brooks. Elise Jia Brooks will be her official name when we finally sign on the dotted line in China! Elise means "God's gift", and I truely belive she is a gift from God! She is our "beautiful" gift from God! A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!  I love her so much already my heart is about to burst!

Thank you God for such an awesome blessing!

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