Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still waiting on NVC....

Still waiting on the National Visa Center Letter...... uggg!!! It's been a week since we recieved the I800 approval. The NVC letter was supposed to arrive about a week after the I800. Starting to get nervous, every day it takes to come is another day I have to wait before I get Elise placed in my arms forever!!

I thought being pregnant and waiting 9 months to see the beautiful baby growing inside you was tough. That was cake compared to this!! At least in pregnancy you know what your baby is doing, you feel them move, you know they are safe. I worry about Elise every minute of every day. Is she being feed every time she's hungry? Are her nannies changing her diaper every time she needs it? It she happy? Is she safe? Is she loved? Does she get a bath? soooo many questions?????

The closer I get to her, the more anxious I become about loosing precious time with her. She's growing up without a family! She needs us as much as we need her!

I'm still hoping for travel in the last 2 weeks of April!!! Keep praying for us & Elise! Pray for peace of mind for us! Pray for safety & good care for Elise! Pray for our NVC letter to arrive quickly! Pray that the US Consulate in Guangzou will issue the Article 5 quickly! Pray that the CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs) will issue travel approval quickly!!

Thank you,

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