Monday, November 8, 2010

Post #1 Nov. 8, 2010

    Well, Not sure how this is gonna go, but I'm willing to give it a try :) I've never been a blogger, or a follower of blogs. However, since there are lots of people whom I think will want to follow us to China and back, I decided it's time to go for it! Step out of my comfort zone (AKA FaceBook) and try something that everyone can view. Hopefully, you'll enjoy my posts as our family expands to 6!!! The thought of that is a little scary, but I think we will make it work and by this time next year, we will not be able to imagine our lives without Elise in it.
     In the days ahead, I'm going to post some pics of our family, and of our newest daughter, Elise Jia Qun Brooks, who is currently residing in the Jiangxi Province of China. She is the reason for the start of this blog and for the blog's name. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says people who are destined to be together are connected by an invisible red thread. The thread may tangle or stretch, but it will never break. I believe that God made Elise to be a perfect fit for our family. He knitted her together in the womb all the while knowing where she would end up. She is connected to me & Tom by that invisible red thread, and the person who tied that red thread to her and me was God......


  1. Hey Tracy

    I'm glad you have started this. Sometimes I read Tina's blog and it's really great. When do you leave for China?


  2. We are still waiting on a CPS check from the state of Mississippi. uggg!!! We didn't have to do CPS checks for every state we've lived in when we started the adoption process, but it's a new adoption law, so now we have do. We can't file with immigration until we get the CPS check back from MS, which means China won't approve us for travel. It's very frustrating to me to know that's she's waiting for me in an orphanage and there is nothing I can do. We were hoping to travel in December, but thought it would probably be January. Now we are hoping for January, but probably travel in February.

  3. Tracy, this is great! I'm very glad you have started your blog and think that the title is absolutely perfect. You have so many talents! I'm looking forward to being a Nana to Elise and can't wait to meet her also.