Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another day at Riley...

Tomorrow Emmie has her routine check-ups at Riley Children's Hospital. I say routine, because they have become routine for us, however they are anything but routine for a typical pediactric check-up.

We will start the day with an echocardiogram. After the cardiologist has had a chance to look over her echo, we will then set down with the cardiologist and go over the results. Hopefully, everything is the same as last time. The cardiologist is looking for "no change" in her echo. At her last cardiology appoinment they were happy with her progress and consider her heart and aorta to be "as good as it can get".

We will then go on to her kidney appointment. This is where we will check vitals, blood work, blood pressure, height, weight, urine... all the stuff that makes Emmie scream, but most of it doesn't even hurt! I'm praying for good results on all these things. Next, Dr. Kidney & I will discuss changing meds around. We are trying to get blood pressure down to a normal range, it's still too high for her. I also want to get her off of the minoxidile. This is the blood pressure med that is causing side effects that I can't handle. To be prefectly honest, minoxidile is the active ingredient in Rogain, yes that's right, it's what makes hair grow in balding men!! And it's making hair grow all over my sweet little angel!! If you've ever wondered, does Rogain really work??? YES IT DOES!!

So, pray for me & Emmie tomorrow. I'm praying for good news all around! Good cardiology repoorts, good kidney reports & Coming off minoxidile!! Emmie needs prayer to stay calm during the echo (she hates it) & all the other vital checks they will be doing on her.

Gonna be a long day, I'll be thinking about Thanksgiving while we are sitting there all day. I've got a lot to be Thankful for this year!! I'm very thankful for our God and savior!! He saved my daughter's life! He's given me an awesome husband, 2 wonderful boys, a daughter who is uniquely knitted together with a heart as pure as gold, a second daugther that makes my heart melt everytime I look at her beautiful face, and a family that has been so unbelievably helpful during the hardest year of my life!!, God also gave me an awesome church family that has rallied around me to help, support, clean, paint, and fix anything that needed it!! God is AMAZING!!!

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