Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ordinary Hero?


You should checkout this blog! And check out their cool shirts! If you order a shirt in the month of November, they are donating all profits from the shirts to people who are trying to adopt. I can make $10 per shirt to go towards our adoption. All you have to do is in the "special instructions" box, put Tom & Tracy Brooks. It's very simple, and the shirts are pretty cool. Cost to you is $24.95 (including shipping).

They also have some amazing vidoes of "gotcha days" which is what adoptive families call the day that precious child was placed in their arms for the 1st time. They always make me cry!! Gives me cold chills to think about the day Elise will be put in my arms! I don't think I'll let her go for a long time! I often stare at her pictures and wonder what she's doing right now, if she feels love from any of her caregivers, do they play with her, do they sing to her, does she ever get rocked to sleep like every baby should???? So many questions......

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