Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hoops, hoops and more hoops!!!!!

Sometimes the hoops keep coming and all you want to do is stop jumping!!! AHHH!! That was my Facebook status yesterday. I sent all these adoption paperwork packets to the appropriate places on Tuesday. I was sooo excited to have that portion of the process behind me & sooo looking forward to the next phase. Now, I've been told I will have to re-submitt the I800, once they approve my I800A. It's so frustrating!! Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to hit a moving target!! The paperwork and red tape we have gone through to get this baby is unreal. I know she is well worth it, but the wait is so hard. I thought waiting 4 years, 4 months and 11 days to get her pictures was the worst part of the wait. But, now I know who my daughter is, I know her face and I can't stop starring at her! This is going to be the longesat and hardest part of the wait!

Please keep praying for our family. Pray for Emmie's heart issues, blood pressure issues, and kidney issues. Pray for Elise as she waits in China for her forever family!! Pray for Tom as he works in Orlando and longs to be with his family! Pray for the boys as they have taken on a lot of responsibility while their Dad is working out of state. And pray for me as I try to hold everything together!

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  1. Tracy, praying for you. I am sorry you are having so many hoops to jump through. It's such a long wait to get your referral, and then all that you have to do to bring her home. My, if you've prayed for patience, God is definitely making you earn it! Ha.