Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting Sophia Bo.... a journey to China

The link above is to a blog that belongs to a new friend of mine, April. I met April around the beginning of October, when we both joined a facebook page designated to Poyang Orphanage. April's baby girl, Sophia, is at the Poyang Orphanage, which is also where Elise is. We recieved our referrals on the same day and we are using the same adoption agency. Sohia & Elise have been together since birth. They are only a few days apart in age. Thier entire lives have been spent in the same orphanage, probably doing the same things everyday. However, April & BJ are now on their way to get Sophia. I'm so excited to watch their journey, because I know I will celebrate a similar journey very soon! My heart longs for Elise to come home & watching friends get thier babies while I still wait for mine is hard. April was kind enough to hand deliver a care package for Elise, so I'm excited to know that Elise will be getting a gift from us very soon! The first step in getting this baby girl some sense of her new family!

I encourage you to follow April & BJ on this journey. They arrived in Bejing today. Monday is their "gotcha day". I hope you have a box of tissues though! I'm sure it will be enotional to watch this exciting journey!!

Congrats April & BJ..... can't wait to see your pictures & the wonderful journey of parenthood you are about to begin!!

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