Sunday, June 12, 2011

A look back at the first week home....

So, it's Saturday night... well technically it's Sunday morning because its after midnight! It seems my only chance to get on the computer and actually type these days would be LATE at night when the house is quiet!

Well, so far so good! The adventrures of the Brooks family of 6 is going well. I'm exhuasted, but all is good! We did a lot of stuff this week and Elise had a lot of firsts!

Elise and Emmie both had check-ups this past week. Elise was with our pediatrician and she checked out great! She seems to be a very healthy baby. We are so grateful for God's provisions over Elise! All the things I worried about for her haven't been an issue! She had no diaper rash when I got her. She wasn't under weight, She didn't have any trouble bonding with me. She eats well and sleeps well (most of the time). God is good! I've prayed for Elise for 5 years and God did answer my prayers. She is everything we ever hoped for and we are so blessed to have her!

Emmie had a Riley check-up on Tuesday, and again God is showing up in big ways! Emmie had another great check-up! Her blood pressure was 93/52 when the nurse took it, and before we left, the doctor took it again and it was 82/52! That is by far the lowest blood pressure we've ever seen from her! It amazes me how far she has come in one year. Last year in June she was re-admitted to Riley for renal failure, and now she is doing aswesome! Because of her good blood pressure readings, we don't have to go back to Riley until September!!! I'm not sure I'll know what to do without a monthly visit to that hospital! I think my van is on auto pilot to drive there at least once a month! We also got to reduce 2 of her medications and reduce her blood work to 1 time a month instead of 2!! I am just so excited for Emmie, and me!! I hate giving her meds and I hate holding her down for blood work, so less of both is great for both of us!

Brandon and Blake continue to be big helpers around here! They are awesome big brothers!! They do a great job playing with Emmie and Elise. They get bottles and sippy cups for me when I need it. They take Emmie outside for me when I don't want to go! And tonight they even babysat both girls!! I was reluctant to leave the girls home with them, but they assured me it would be OK. They have watched Emmie before, but I wasn't sure they could handle 2 babies! However, both girls were sleeping, so Tom and I went out ALONE!!!! Wow!! It's been a long time since that happened! Of course our glorious date involved going to Menards to look at patio furniture, return some overdue videos and to buy milk, but hey at least we could hear ourselves think in the car without babies crying and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing on the DVD player! We actually had an adult comversation without beign interupted!

Tom started a new job while I was in China, so there have been lots of changes going on around here! He seems to be enjoying it a lot. Sonar Studios was a good fit for him the last time he worked there, and I think it's even better for him now. It's almost like they are renewing his confidence after being knocked down for the last year and a half! Plus working for a CEO who starts each business meeting with prayer is always an awesome thing! I'm so happy they found Tom again and wanted him back! We are hoping for a long career there!

OK, so here is a list of all the "firsts" Elise experienced this week! ....
Went to the doctor
Took walks around the neighborhood
Tasted lots of new foods
Started drinking milk (instead of formula)
Learned to crawl "comando" style
Pulled herself up to standing
Let go of Tom to stand alone for about 2 seconds!
Had her first "Welcome Home Party" and got lots of gifts!
Met most of her extended family (second cousins, great aunts, great uncles and many more)
Met her great grandma Rucker
Went swimming  with her brothers and sister
Went ot a birthday party
Watched Blake earn red tips on his brown belt in Taekwondo
Was babysat by Grandma (and seemed to love getting spoiled by her)

Lots of stuff happening for this little girl and she's doing remarkably well with all of it! Still having a little bit of anxiety when I leave the room, or when I hold Emmie instead of her. Still having a few issues with going to bed at night and at naptime, but all in all, she is adjusting pretty well!

Some pictures from our week.....

The new double stroller that I couldn't wait to get!

Cousins having fun in the pool!

Love the tongue!
Having fun with big brother Blake
Emmie & Brandon

I really think she wants to read! She loves books!
Learning to share..... maybe!!
Meeting Great Grandma
Never get tired of that smile!!


  1. It is so great to hear how well Elise is doing and I am so happy that you got great news about Emmie! Yeah! Thank you, Lord. Not only is that wonderful news about her health, but that will lessen your stress too.
    Your week sounds like mine - busy, but full of blessings. I think Kevin and I have had similar dates too. Many dinners out followed by a trip to Target. So romantic. ;-)
    Hope this coming week is even better! Let me know when you have that pool and I'll be right over.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful news! Everything is going so very well. God has indeed been bestowing blessings on your family, and of course the rest of us, too as we hear of the health of the girls, the good times during transition, and Tom's new job. I can hardly wait to see you guys and hope it will be very soon.