Friday, June 17, 2011

2 weeks out & still surviving! LOL!

So, it's now been 2 weeks since we arrived home. Things are starting to settle into place. I believe I'm starting to realize what our "new" normal will be...... A LOT OF WORK!! LOL!

Elise is doing well. She is now sleeping through the night without issues. The night terrors seem to have subsided. She is going to bed and taking naps without crying! Yippee! Elise is still doing her comando style crawling. I'm working with her to crawl in a normal fashion, but I'm afraid she is going to skip right over that and go staright to walking!.... or maybe staright to running! She can now pull herself up to a standing position, and walk around furniture. She is quite proud of herself for this accomplishment! It's so cute! I'm going to try to get some video on here soon of her, cause I know all of you that haven't seen her in person yet would love it! She is such a happy baby. Laughing, smiling, talking all the time. She is saying words like "momma, dadda, thank you and baba. I think she's trying to say Brandon, Blake & Emmie's names too, but they aren't coming out just right yet.

Emmie is getting better about sharing and loving on her sister. Most of the jealousy these days seems to be from Elise rather than Emmie. Elise doesn't like me holding Emmie, so there are still adjustments to be made, but overall things are going well. Emmie is starting to embrace her new role as the "big sister" and for the most part that is good, but then there is the bossy side of her that comes out and it's not so good! LOL!

The boys are still doing great! They are great helpers! I love having them here! And I'm so glad I waited to have Emmie and that we had to wait for Elise because that created this huge age gap, which is coming in quite handy for me now! Amazing how God's timing is always perfect!

So, Emmie and Elise went for a photo shoot this week! Mostly Elise, I wanted 1 yr pics of her and some other stuff. But, we also got pics of the girls in their matching Chinese dresses, and oh my goodness!! They are just adorable, so the pics I'm posting today are from the phot shoot! If you've seen them on FB, sorry! They're just too cute, so I'm posting them again :-) ...... family pics coming soon!

The cuttest angel in a tutu I ever saw!

The next few pics are priceless! Emmie and Elise together, all smiles, then the total "sister" pose!! One is scrunching up her nose & the other is rolling her eyes! LOL! These are going in BIG frames!!

Finally, Elise's 1 yr pics, who cares that she's really 16 months old!!

Love it when she smiles so big her eyes dissapear!!


  1. Absolutely WONDERFUL! You can not imagine how excited and anxious I am to meet up with you guys this summer! Marvelous pictures!

  2. This is more cuteness than I can stand in one post! So adorable!! Glad things are going well. Aren't live-in helpers (aka: older siblings) the best?

  3. Lynne, I can't wait for you to meet her! She is gonna love her Nana & I know you are gonna love her too!

    Natalie, the live-in-help is the best!!!