Monday, April 18, 2011

Moving, China & Emmie Updates

Well. the move is officially over!! We turned over the keys to our house (well not our's anymore) at noon today! I was a ball of emotions yesterday! A sense of relief to have the move over. It was not easy to move everything for a family of five, who had lived in that house for 10 years!! We made a lot of trips to the dump and trips to Goodwill!! I've also got a huge stack of clothes I'm donating to a clothing drive at a local church. They are sending clothes to 3rd world countries. I've got a huge pile of things I'm donating to a friends "adoption fundraiser yardsale". Plus we rented a storage unit that is full & the garage of our rental house is full!! We have way too much stuff! I plan on getting rid of more when I'm home with my girls (not teaching)! I'll have time to go through stuff and weed out more!!

Even though I'm relieved to sell the house, I was still very sad to see it empty. That house was filled with so much life for the past 10 years. Brithday parties, anniversaries, babies coming home from the hospital, game nights, kids jumping on the trampoline, playing on the swingset, Christmas mornings, fireworks, Easters, 1st day of school pictures, trick-or-treating..... the list goes on and on!! Also a lot of sad times in that house too, but most importantly, that was home to us for so long and it was our first home! I can't even type about it without crying!

So, now the task becomes unpacking and trying to make the house we are renting a home! But, I am up for the challenge! My goal is to be completley settled (except for the garage) before I leave for China! Still waiting on a TA, which should come anyday!! Praying that it will come quickly!! The waiting gets harder everyday!

Emmie will be going to Riley tomorrow for more scans. We are running the Mag3 Kidney scan again. I am hoping we find kidneys working well!! We will also see Dr. Kidney again (we see him every month). On Friday we are going to Cincinnatti Children's Hospital for a second opinion. We scheduled all of this aseveral weeks ago, however since then, her blood pressure's have been continually going down and her blood work is looking good. So, we will keep the scheduled appointments, but not sure what will come out of it!

We continue to pray for Emmie. Kidney function & blood pressures to improve. She is currently on 6 medications for blood pressure & an iron supplement. A lot off meds to put into her tiny little body!

Pray for our family during the coming months. A lot of unknown's for us right now. We're not sure where Tom's job will place us. Possible move to Atlanta! A new baby coming, Emmie's health. All things that are a part of God's master plan, but are still a little scary for me!

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