Friday, April 29, 2011

Our year in pictures!

Emmie's 1 year picture

The morning of heart surgery

                                                          The day after surgery

11 days after surgery

Our much needed Spring Break!!


Two Very Crazy Boys!!!

What we now have to give Emmie every day, sometimes 4 times a day!

Showing our American Pride!!

Our Football Star!
The Taekwondo expert!
Visiting Apple Works Orchard

Our first look at our precious daughter!!! Saw this adorable little face on Sept 29th!
Halloween 2010

Updated photo of Elise!!
Christmas 2010
Emmie's 2nd B-day, also celebrate her 1 yr anniversary from surgery & Elise's birthday!

A new photo of Elise! We recieved it on April 1st!
Easter 2011

WHAT A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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