Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elise's Birthday Package Arrived!!

I recieved a confirmation today that Elise did get her birthday package on February 16th and her cake was delivered on February 18th!! Yippee! It somehow makes me feel a little better about missing her first birthday to know that she recieved a cake! Her present from us was a soft photo album with 6 pictures of her new mommy, daddy, 2 brothers and sister. That also gives me a little bit of peace. Knowing she is playing, chewing and drooling all over pictures of us makes me happy! I'm excited to think about her looking at our pictures, maybe she will recognize me when she is finally placed in my arms forever!

We also asked for an updated digital picture and measurments of her. I am praying those come soon! I just want to see how she's grown, does she have more hair, is she fatter, skinnier, longer, bigger?.... oh the questions I have!!

Lastly, we asked for the contact person who delivered the package to retrieve the digital camera that was included, develop the photos and mail them to us. That could take several more weeks, but I'm praying this also happens quickly!! I would love to see pictures of Elise with her cake and photo album!
Based on pictures I've seen from other people who have sent birthday cakes to their daughters in China, the above picture is a typical birthday cake delivery! Looks pretty yummy to me, however not a typical American birthday cake!!

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  1. I think sending the soft photo album is a PERFECT idea!!!! I'm excited about meeting my newest granddaughter and am looking forward to the day when I can. Big wishes.