Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! .... & it really was for us, read on to see why!

FINALLY, our finger print approval came in the mail today! Praise God! The last step for us is now under way! We overnighted (within hours of recieving the I-797C in the mail) the last packet of information to the USCIS! This final packet has everything about Elise in it! It is time for the USCIS to approve her to come to the USA and become an American citizen!! We are soooo excited to be in the final phase of this very lengthy process, but we also know God's timing is perfect and Elise is worth waiting for!!!

So HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!  Elise we are coming!!!!!!

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  1. Your Elise is a cutie pie too!! Yes we may just end up in China today getting our Elises :)
    We are taking all 4 kids with us, so I will be the crazy one in China lugging 5 kids around. Hope we both get to travel soon!!