Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Travel Paperwork!!!

     Well, I spent the last several days going through a new set of "paperwork"!! This was more exciting to me than the last several stacks of paperwork because it is all of our travel papers. Making sure we have everything we need to travel to China!! WooHoo, it finally feels like its getting closer and really going to happen. I can finally see the peak of the mountian I've been climbing for the last 5 years!! We sent off passports to get the Visa on them, we sent travel paperwork back to America World! It's exciting to have all of this stuff happening. It's definitely a stage in the process that is all new, we've never been this close to travel. In fact it was amuzing to me today as I made copies of our passports and realized that I've never even signed my passport! Ha! I got the passport in January of 2006 just for this adoption, and now I'm actually going to use it..... 5 years later!

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