Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day......Reflections from 2011

2011 was a big year for our family! A recap of our VERY eventful year.......

January 2011: Emmie had her 2nd birthday, and I had my ** birthday! (not 40 yet, but getting ever so close to it!!) Tom got to move back home from Orlando!! Woohoo!! We also accepted an offer on our house, which we had been trying to sell for a year! We wanted to sell, so that the whole family could move to Orlando. I think God was telling us something by letting our house sell at the exact time Tom moved back to IN.

February 2011: Emmie celebrated 1 year post surgery! Also on that same day Elise was in China celebrating her 1st birthday! Emmie was still struggling with medication dosages, high blood pressure and kidneys disease. We were also in the process of trying to find a rental home big enough for a family of 5... soon to be 6!!

March 2011: We finally closed on the house!! Still looking for a rental. Tom continued to work from home for the Orlando company. We were also anxiously waiting on USCIS paperwork to go through so we could travel to China.

April 2011: Travel Approval came from China!! We also moved into a rental house, finally! Emmie also finally started having good blood pressure readings for the first time EVER!

May 2011: My brother and I headed to China!!! On May 23rd, Elise was finally in her mother's arms! We also found out the rental house we were in was being sold and we had to move out by the end of June! uggg!!! So, the week before I headed to China, Tom & I had to make some major decisions. Are we staying in IN or moving somewhere else. Tom accepted a job in Indianapolis, we did a marathon house hunt the weekend before I left for China, and while I was in China Tom made an offer on a house & the offer was accepted.

June 2011: I brought Elise home from China to meet the rest of her family on June 2nd. We tried to adjust to 4 kids and help Elise adjust to life with our family, while at the same time packing up and preparing for another move! On June 30th, we closed on our new home, and moved in the same day!

July 2011:July was all about getting settled! We unpacked, enjoyed our new pool and our new daughter!! Elise was blending in well with our family. We had a visit from Aunt Jenny, Solomon  Nana! We also celebrated Elise's 1st birthday (5 months late)!

August 2011: Brandon started 8th grade and Blake started 6th grade. The boys are growing waaay too fast! Emmie & Elise started going to CMO 1 day a week. (Children's Morning Out... which translates to, Mommy's 1 free morning a week to get groceries alone!)

September 2011: Elise had laser eye surgery. She did great! Brandon is now in full swing of the football season!! (his passion in life). Brandon also turned 14 this month. Wow how time flies!

October 2011: Pretty uneventful for us! That rarely happens!! Emmie & Elise dressed up as princesses for Halloween. Blake decided he didn't want to trick or treat for the 1st time ever.

November 2011: We celebrated the fact that Elise has now been with us for 6 months!! We completed our 6 month post-placement paperwork! We took a quick trip to Alabama to visit Papaw Brooks, Kelly and see Grandma Mary. We also hosted our first extended family holiday in our new house. Thanksgiving was at our house this year and it was great!! Emmie had another heart surgery this month. It went well. She had her stent adjusted and even got to come home the same day!!


December 2011: Took a quick trip to Gatlinburg TN to have Christmas with Nana, Popa, Uncle Pete, Aunt Jenny, Solomon & Uncle Stephen. It was awesome!! We celebrated our first Christmas in the new house with our newest addition, Elise! It was a great Christmas! Emmie & Elise were so much fun to watch! The boys got dirt bikes & were so excited!! They said it was the best Christmas ever!! We rang in the new year with a few friends in our house! Everyone stayed up, including Elise, who for the first time rang in the new year as a US citizen!!

Time flies when you're having fun so I guess we must be having fun!! I've learned lots of life lessons in the past few years and I'm sure God is still working on some more! I have made a few "New Years Resolutions" with myself......
1. Blog more!!! I'm taking a tip from a friend's blog and going to try to post "Wordless Wednesday" which will be all pics!
2. Drink more water! and no more diet coke!! I know, call me crazy but I think it's for the best!
3. Get more sleep!! (Don't know how well this one will work out!!)
4. Be more organized!

Keep looking for more posts in 2012!!! Happy New Year!!!!!

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  1. I loved the recap of your year and I am looking forward to more posts in 2012! :-)