Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Traditions!!..... Daddy's and their Daughters

So, lots of birthdays going on around here! January 12th is my grandmother's birthday. We celebrated her 87th birthday! January 15th is Emmie's birthday, she was 3. January 16th is my Bday, we won't mention my age! And January 17 is my mother's birthday. Then we do it all over again in February starting on the 4th with Elise's 2nd birthday. February 20th is my sister, and February 23rd is my niece Lindsey who will be 4. WOW!! That's a a lot of birthdays in only 5 weeks!

Birthday traditions that started when I was a kid and I'm continuing with my own children have been fun. One is your birthday dinner! You get to pick what we eat on your birthday, sometimes its the restaurant of your choice, sometimes it's Mom's cooking of your choice, but either way, if its your birthday, then you get to pick it!!

There's one birthday tradition that my dad started many years ago with his daughters. He ALWAYS brought us flowers on our birthday. I can't remember a time when he didn't. Some of my youngest memories are of my birthday, and I always remember getting flowers! My dad usually had to work on my birthday, unless it fell on a weekend, so I mostly remember him coming home from work with flowers for me. Nothing makes you feel special like flowers on your birthday! Especially when you are a kid! It made a lasting impression on me. I'm not sure why, but it was important enough that I've asked my husband to carry on the tradition with our daughters!

So, Saturday night Tom surprised Emmie with flowers. It was the sweetest thing! She was so excited! She told me all evening as she watched me make her birthday cake, "These are Emmie's flowers Mommy!" Makes me happy to see her so happy.

I think I just really want Tom to hold the bar high for our girls. I want them to expect to be treated like a queen when they go out on a date, because their Daddy treats them like a queen. I want them to never settle for someone who doesn't treat them the way a lady should be treated, and I know we, especially Tom, has to start laying that foundation now! The relationship they have with their dad will establish a guide for them as they maneuver though other relationships with boys.

 My B-Day flowers from my Dad
 Emmie's cake & Flowers
 Emmie with her horse cake (which she requested) & below are her roses from her Daddy!
I'm very thankful for my relationship with my dad, and I'm very thankful for an awesome husband who is a hands-on dad! He's a great father, and very affectionate with his kids. I'm blessed to have him as the father of my kids!!

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