Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fun!!

I can hardly believe our summer is half gone!! (well more than half!) We have had an awesome July! June was a little rocky with orchestrating a move, a new baby and a new job!! But, we survived!! And now we are relaxing as a family and it feels so good to be a family of 6!!

Elise continues to thrive! She is still right on the verge of walking. She is talking, eating, playing, crawling... all the things she should be doing. She continues to be very healthy and active. She fits in well around here! She loves the pool, loves the water, and it took her only 15 minutes to get a better tan than her mommy!! LOL!!

We are making progress on the new house too. Lots of projects going on. I love to decorate, so getting a lot of that done. Blake's room is getting closer to being done. We managed to get the flower wallpaper down and it is now painted. I just need to hang curtains and get stuff on the walls. The girls room is ready to be decorated, I had to paint a few things to put in their room, so now its all ready, just has to be hung!

We did manage to get family pictures done finally! So all the pics are from our family photo shoot. Thanks Brandey (Studio Memories) for great pics once again!! We love them!! I hope you all do too!!

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