Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Visits & Birthday Parties!!

From the moment I realized I wouldn't be able to get Elise home for her first birthday, I knew I wanted to give her a birthday party anyway. We finally succeeded in giving her a party last Saturday. What made it even better was that her Nana from FL, her Aunt Jenny & cousin Solomon from NC were able to be here for the party!

We had a great "All American Girl" party! Red, White and Blue decor, cup cakes, and a small #1 cake for Elise, playing in the pool with everyone, grilling out hamburgers and hot dogs (after all whats more American than a burger or a dog fresh off the grill??) Elise opened lots of presents! I think she was a little overwhelmed with it, she didn't tear into the presents, in fact I opened most of them for her. However, she did not need any one to tell her what the cake was for! LOL! She LOVED the cake! She devoured the little #1, it didn't look like a number when she was done with it!

It was a great night celebrating Elise! Celebrating that God has blessed us with this amazing little girl. He took us down this adoption path, and he gave us the baby he created for us! There is no doubt she was meant to be ours, she was meant to be in this family! I hope her birth mother can somehow have peace in her heart because her daughter is safe, well loved and well taken care of.

We had a great visit with Nana & Aunt Jenny. They got to meet Elise for the first time, and we got to meet baby Sol for the first time. Lots of introductions, and lots of fun watching Emmie, Elise & Solomon!! We did some playing in the pool, the hot tub, some shopping, eating and even squeezed in church! A busy busy weekend, but so glad they came and was able to help us celebrate!

Her are some pics of the weekend....
Elise in her little #1 shirt (of course you can't see the #1 very well)

The first lick.....

I think she liked it!!!

Getting messy!!

Elise & Great Grandma

Present Time!

Her B-Day present from Mommy & Daddy

Emmie getting in on the cake & icing

Cousin Solomon (what a cutie!)

Hangin' in the hot tub!

Cute new suits! (Thanks Aunt Jenny)

Pool fun!!

Very fun weekend!!!


  1. Such great pictures, Tracy! How wonderful to have this party for her with her new family!

  2. It was soo much fun!! I miss you all already! We'll have to get them together again hopefully sooner then later. xx