Saturday, September 10, 2011


So, most of you know that we have 2 boys and 2 girls. My boys are now 13 (14 in a few days, but I'm still holding onto 13!!) and 11. Most of you also know that I like to be "girly". I love girly things like getting my nails done, getting a pedicure, wearing makeup, fixing my hair, jewelry, accessorizing, and decorating. So, for me having 2 little girls is truely an amazing blessing. It's not that I don't love my boys. I loved raising to boys! ( Who are not completely raised yet!!) Together they were a handful and continue to be!! I did the "mom of boys" thing by playing in dirt, buying Star Wars, GI Joe's and Nerf guns. They've had sleep overs with camo gear, face's painted black, and nighttime nerf wars in the backyard. They've rode 4-wheelers through the mud, and so did I!! I wiped the mud off my face so I could see where I was going while driving a 4-wheeler, and I did it all for the joyful screams and laughter from my two boys! I have sat through soccer, football, basketball, golf and taekwondo practices and games and tests, and I've cheered them on loudly and silently. I have cared for them, wiped away their tears, cleaned up their cuts and sent them back out to do it all over again, because that's what boys do!! I love boys, God blessed me with two of the best. I couldn't have asked for better, but they are getting to the age where they'd rather hang with their dad, or mostly friends, than hanging with their mom.

They went from sweet inocent babies to......

to camo lovin' gun packin' wild boys!!

That's why I'm even more excited to have my girls!! Now I get to do what I've waited almost 14 years for.... THE GIRLY STUFF!!!! I get to paint their nails (and belive me, I have!!), dress them in cute dresses, put big bows in their hair, accessorize, and use lots and lots of PINK!!! It's so much fun to be a girl. Girls can be a tom boy and play in the mud, and then they can put on a dress and get girly! I am definitely having fun with my girls!

Most of all I hope to instill in them a love for God. I want them to grow up to serve the Lord, and to do everything for the glory of God. I want them to remember that all things are possible when you put your faith in God. They are after all, HIS children first, and they were given to me by him. They are all blessings from God and I am so thankful to have each and every one of them! I am reminded of this everytime I walk into my daughters' room. They are Princesses.... Daughter's of a Heavenly King!!.... and it's my job to raise them to be just that!!

So, since I'm very excited to be getting so much use out of the color pink, thought I'd show you the room I've decorated for the girls!! Very Pinkalicious!!


  1. Aweeee.. sweet blog and cute pinkalicious room!! Lucky kids!

  2. So very nice. You really do have a flare for blogging. I miss those sweetums - big and small!

  3. Cute room for 2 incredibly adorable girls! We've always had plenty of pink at our house. Enjoy!